1. Pear shape!

Pear shape
You are open-minded and are not against One Night Stands.

2. Oval shape

Oval shape
You are a fashionista and always keep looking for setting newer trends rather than following others.

3. Banana shape!

Banana shape
You are thin and skinny. You are very choosy when it comes to finding a mate.

4.Strawberry shape!

Strawberry shape!
You have large breasts and like smart and intelligent people to be your partner.


5. Peanut shape!

Peanut shape
You have a toned and thin waist. Your figure is close to the hourglass. You are confident and strong.

6.Apple shape!

Apple shape
You have a very happy and they prefer having a single mate.

7. Spoon shaped.

Spoon shaped

You have big hips and you can be tough to handle at times!

8. Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle
You are busty and always are ready to make new friends.

9. Diamond shape

Diamond shape
You are introvert and keep things to yourself. You take a lot of thinking before making a choice.