Four months are already gone and we have witnessed many new trends in ever changing Social media industry. Some of you must have already fine tune your strategies for the coming months, however some must still be in the planning phase and designing that perfect strategy for yourself.


Although, it is next to impossible predicting social media trends, keeping an eye on few of them is essential. Since social media is one of the most indispensable tools used to market products and services. Here are 8 top social media trends of 2017 by CJG Digital Marketing you must check before designing your social plan.

1.Live streaming videos


Streaming videos has surfaced as one of the very important method to voice opinions and promote products and services. YouTube has become the top video sharing site with most number of content uploaded and viewed. With this in picture, 48% of marketers are looking forward to add YouTube in their marketing strategy.Facebook live, Instagram stories and Twitter Periscope are other FREE apps providing live streaming services.

2.Rise of Chatbots


With technology significant number of chatbots are in use. Big names like Facebook, Telegram etc have already made a mark by developing their own chatbots. These chatbots can be used to automate task and also assist in retrieving data. Further, in 2017 companies are focusing on using these to enhance user experience and establish strong company-customer relationship.

3.More Expiring social Content


Life of social content is too short. People often wishes to read and learn new stories, view latest videos etc. In such scenario SnapChat and Instagram stories have acquired the stage of short lived content. Millions of users are daily using these platforms to upload data and share their thoughts. Hence, it can be said that soon social marketers will increasingly using these platforms while designing campaigns.

4.Merging of social Media platforms


Acquisition taking place in social world is also of great concern to marketers. As a result, it is essential for marketers to choose right platforms depending upon their fan following.

5.Harder acquisition of Organic Social Traffic



Later in 2017 marketers will also find it more challenging to attract social traffic. Latest and updated algorithms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. make it difficult for companies to get social traffic if they don’t implement their paid ads. Hence, only social media is not the key to success. However, they have to focus on multi-channel strategy to maximize the effect of their marketing efforts in 2017.

6.Virtual and augmented Reality



Virtual reality and augmented reality have proved to be very effective in 2016, Pokemon Go is the best example of it. Thereafter , later in 2017 companies can and will use these technologies to enhance their customer experience.

7.Personalized content



With increase in content flooding the web, it is very essential for marketers to develop and deliver personalized content if they wish to grab customer’s attention. This prompt customers to interact with the company well and eventually convert them into loyal customers.

8.Increase usage of social Influence



Only advertising has been obsolete and marketers are not opting advanced methods to capture market share. Influencer marketing is one of the method used at a very high speed to widen the reach of company.

So with kick off 2017, you need to be prepared for anything. Analyzing previous year along with effective planning for the year ahead will surely help you design the perfect plan that will help you in leading the market.

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