We’re all pretty acquainted with social media at this point, and most times we don’t even think twice about the things we post. Most of it is harmless, but certain things can result in major consequences. To save yourself from the potential headache, here’s a list of things you should NEVER post on social media.


1. Relationship Issues

If you and your boo get into it, you may want to vent to your Twitter family about how much pain you’re going through or how much you hate your ex-boyfriend, but don’t be messy about it. Constantly posting your relationship woes is information strangers don’t need to know.

2. Your home and work addresses
“Duh,” you think. But we’re not just talking about typing your whole address onto your Facebook profile. “Checking in” and geotagging photos can give away your address even when you don’t realize are. For instance, you know how you can create your own geotags for Instagram photos? When you do this, it pulls the location of where you’re currently at. So if all your made-up geotags point to the same location, some creep can assume that’s where you live or work.

3. Over-the-Top Party Pictures
You may be proud of what you see as your wild ways now, but you probably won’t be in a few years. It’s one thing to post pictures of you and your friends having fun, but posting pictures of any age-inappropriate activities is just going to look immature. Post this kind of content at your own risk: your college-age cousin is probably taking screenshots and posting them on Reddit for the mocking enjoyment of thousands.

4. Embarrassing Things you Wouldn’t Want Shared With Your Employer or Family

Before you post anything online, think to yourself, would I want my boss or family to see this? If not, don’t post it. Even if you post something and delete it, doesn’t mean that someone didn’t take a screenshot of it before you had the chance to remove it.

5.TMI (Too much information)

Whatever you post, keep it appropriate and don’t include details that you don’t want the whole world to know. If you would only tell a handful of close friends about the details of your annual check-up or what you found in your 15-year-old son’s room the other day, then it has no business on Facebook. When it comes to posting online, the less information the better!