Our story took off like a fairy-tale..
You and me, both first time in love, Crazy about each other, ready to do anything each other…
“Together forever”, “Love You Till Eternity”, “Won’t Ever Leave You”, Were some of the promises You made,
And life seemed to be some rose-filled bed.Togetherness, Love, Happiness And Bliss..
You gave me all of these…Thus 8 months passes in the blink of an eye,
And completely oblivious and ignorant to reality,
I was happily lost in another world, The world which was consisted of us, our dreams and our wishes,
N One Day When suddenly my dream world came crashing down, When you left me without a proper explanation,
Without even a proper goodbye… Thus you showered me with Cuts, Bruises, Loneliness, Tears,
Hurt, Regret, Sorrow, Pain, An eternity of wait, And memories that were going to haunt me forever…
I wish I could get over you, And start it all over again,
Wish I could let go of you, And free myself from this excruciating pain,
Wish I could forget you.. But I Can’t !
I can’t erase u from my past ..
I cant delete you from my mind all I can do is say goodbye..
I cant pretend u were never here I cant fake like it didn’t hurt when u disappeared I refuse to use a fake old grin but then again I’ll never win…
I cant pretend that I don’t care I cant pretend that you are near so I guess I’ll just pretend to say goodbye…
P.S :- At the End Just Wana Say Leaving You Is Like Leaving My Life, n I Will Never Get You Back Just As I Will Never Get My Past Back but Still Waiting For You bcz Itz True Past Neva Comes Back, But Future May Return What I Lost !
Its never late until the last breath and I know u would be back by den. Lets See Who Comes First  You or Death !

Ruhan !!