She Was Scarred By An Accident.what He Did Was So Touching

Reflect for a second, what are the aspects of your partner or the love of your life that attracts you the most? Is it their eyes that stare at you as if you’re the only one they see? Is it their smile, so sweet playful or pure? Is it their perfect skin, smooth and glowing? Is it their lovely face and features? Or their hot perfect body? But take away all these qualities and you are left only with the very essence or core personality of your partner to admire, would you still love them?

Much as we hate to admit it, somehow the physical appearance has become a huge determining factor for attraction and love. With the advent of social media where we easily gauge a person’s attractiveness by their photos and physical appearance, sometimes people don’t look past the physical to know people’s personality anymore. We are into physical attraction first, let personality follow suit.

The man proves that true love does not rely on physical aspects. As reported by Kapook, a Thai news outlet, the lady works in a factory with her brother, an accident happened and they got splashed with acid that disfigured them. The lady has been blind for over five years now since the incident.



She was quoted as saying in Thai “I felt sad, angry even. But I was lucky I still have my husband”. Despite the scars and imperfections, he still takes care and loves his girl. The woman lost her eyes and eyesight. She also had her nose and mouth melted off her face.

The injuries continue on to her body as can be seen by her scarred neck, arms and thighs. Kudos to the lovely couple who shows us that true love does not just see, but feels. It accepts and doesn’t judge. May we all find a love that can last us our lifetimes, even if beauty fades away, or that hot body of our partners turn saggy or wrinkly due to age. Let us celebrate unconditional, long-lasting love. Let us love in a way that will last forever.

Love is a beautiful thing..