Reasons Why Men get dumped by WOMEN?

Reasons Why Men get dumped by WOMEN?

Trust issues

People don’t trust easily, especially women. It’s only natural to look out for yourself, and to protect yourself from any sort of disappointment. Cheating is one of the reasons why men lose women’s trust, but it’s not the only reason. For some women, it means the end of the relationship. A very few women tend to excuse infidelity the first time, if their man profusely apologises and promises to remain faithful, but; once a cheater, always a cheater.

Her Friends Don’t Like You
No woman wants to admit that her friends or family dictate who she dates, but if her friends really don’t like you, then she may just be inclined to break up with you.

Over the years, most women learn that their friend’s opinion is usually pretty important. This is especially true if you don’t wow her on a level where she can look past her friend’s opinion of you and see you for the truly special guy you are.
He Lies
Now, this one I have to meet you on half way. I get why you lie. You want to avoid drama. But if you are going to lie, you better be damn good at it. Because a) we usually know and b) if we’re particularly cunning … we’ll catch you because we pay attention. To everything. We know when things are wonky.

If we ask you why you lied, don’t put it on us and say that you “knew” how we’d react. (See above – Mind Readers) No, you didn’t. You didn’t know how we’d react because YOU LIED so you didn’t give us a chance. But if you lie just to lie? You’re automatically labeled a sociopath and we fear you’ll give us herpes.

Irresponsible men are more likely to be dumped by women. Many men in relationships just leave all the responsibilities to the woman and roam around without caring of the household responsibilities or financial requirements. Such men are always dumped of by women.
Responsibility just doesn’t mean providing all the material supplies to home and supporting the partner financially. Being responsible on the health, emotions etc… are essential. When women feel they are not concerned or taken care of properly, they may get away from the relationship seeking a better partner.

His career is stifled

There’s something so appealing about the creative, entrepreneurial types — until they are turned down the twelfth time for a grant, or they have to move into their parent’s place to save money on rent and save up capital. Some women can start to feel they’ll face a life of struggle with a partner like this, and leave.

They think the grass is greener somewhere else:
We have all – men and women alike – fallen prey to the “grass is greener on the other side” syndrome. It is so easy to look at other couples, other people, and feel that they seem happier, more attractive, more normal, more exciting, more . . . well, you get the picture. Sometimes, a woman might fantasize about being single again or about dating a particular man. Of course, often when women break up with their longtime companion, it is not long before they are pining for that special person again.

You Are Bad In Bed
If you have had sex, then this is a very plausible reason for a woman breaking up with you but not giving you a real reason why. Women know that men try very hard in bed and don’t want to make them feel bad about their efforts, no matter how horrible they were.
You got stuck in traffic. You spilled a coffee as you walked out the door. You lost track of time. Whatever the excuse is, your girlfriend is sick of you consistently showing up 5 or 10 minutes late. While those few minutes may seem insignificant to you, it says that you don’t respect your girlfriend’s time and that you’re unreliable and untrustworthy, Fisher says. If you want her to take you seriously, make a conscious effort to be punctual.