Read Why We Should Not Force Love And Give It Time

One thing should be noticed very clearly in life. In the field of relationship, you should not expect anything. If he does not discuss any plans with you, don’t expect to be a part of them any time in your life. If he doesn’t discuss his future plans with you, don’t force yourself to get into that. If he doesn’t shows he loves you, never assume it. If it’s just the starting of your relationship, don’t expect it to last long forever. You too need to give in your support to make it work further. Only one person cannot drag a relationship for a long time. Both the partners should be contributing their part to make it a memorable one.

Sometimes it becomes quite irresistible not to force something which you want desperately, but in reality if you force somebody to be in the relationship, then that thing becomes a total disaster. At some point of life, one may even force the other one to love, but they might not even realize it. One may go through numerous emotions, even making excuses for why he/she isn’t reciprocating their actions. The reality might be that you are always giving in love but never receiving it from the other end.

Love is a feeling which should come internally and which should garner your surrounding with peace. It definitely should not be forced. Even if somebody is not interested, one may continue to be in the relation just to have fun or one may simply drag it just for the sake of it. Both the partners do it wrong. Some realize it too soon and some might spend years to come to negative conclusion.

There are various reasons from which you can come down to a solution where you will know if your love is being forced or is it okay. One can be that of initiation. If you are the only one in the relationship who is always initiating a plan or a date, and the other one is just accepting at times or declining the plan, then you should know that it is the time to call it off. It is not right to take anybody’s ignorance to your pocket at every time of the day. Your self respect should be valued by your partner in abundance.

Sometimes you may also feel that he is just not interested to share his future plans with you. Or he does not want to include you in his future plans. Either way you are the one who is being used or taken for granted. When you mention marriage, his face is blank. If this happens with you even after a long sought out relationship, then you should know it’s time to call it off.

One of the reasons might be his habit of avoiding serious issues. You are sure enough from the day you started dating a mature man or a guy with brains. You know you are not dating a kid who is always in for fun and never up for serious issues. This can be the biggest signs that he’s making you waste your time in this relation. If you talk about how to strengthen your relation or making it better, and he simply avoids it, then you definitely need to evaluate your relationship for a better bonding from both the sides.

It is important to be appreciated from the one you love. Nobody wants to feel rejection from anybody. It is most disheartening when you face rejection from the one you most care about. When you constantly this negative feeling, then it is time to re-evaluate your relationship once more and giving it a next shot only if it is successful in evaluation. If your better half is not ready to compromise or listen to your side of story, then you can come to know how he feels of this relationship.

You are the one who initiates texts or calls every time. Sounds too familiar for yourself? If it were up to you, only then you two will talk twice or thrice a day. If he was to act on it, then it will be shortened to twice or thrice a week. If this is the case, then it is wrong for the two of you to continue. If a guy wants to really speak to you, then he will surely take out time to talk to you. Just because he answers your calls, doesn’t mean that he’s dying to talk to you. If he’s as serious as you are, then he will make out time to speak to you every once in a while to keep the relation go well.

End of the topic sums up to the fact that if he’s not into you 100%, then you need to give yourself a rest instead of a daily headache. It will continue to ruin your life by going around with him and he not giving you enough needed attention. It will also disturb his life if you continue to disturb him when he doesn’t need your attention. People who don’t deserve your attention should definitely not get it at any time of the day.