QUIZ Who Were You In Your Past Life According To What You Saw First


Some people firmly believe in reincarnation, others balk at such a notion, and many of us have had an inkling from time to time that perhaps we did live in another time. I never believed in it at all until I met the man who would become my husband.

We both had the distinct feeling that we had known each other before, and had the sense that it was in ancient Egypt! It was such a strong feeling for both of us, that I have left open the door to the possibility. If you are one of those people this quiz is for you.

The premise of the quiz is that who you were in your past life lies in your subconscious, and gets tapped into by what you see first in pictures. The pictures that are presented are complex; they have imbedded images within them. What pops out at you first goes into an analysis of who you may have been in a previous existence.

For instance, could you have been a “POWERFUL AND ENCHANTING QUEEN” in another life?; royalty at heart does your determination, seductiveness and love of the arts still shine through? Perhaps you were a WARRIOR in your past?; willing to sacrifice, courageous with a “fire within you that will take you far”? Could it be that you were an INVENTOR?; ahead of your time and impacting the world in a significant way?

When you respond to the images try not to think too much; go with the very first thing you notice in each complex presentation. Let us know if the analysis of your potential previous life and your current existence rings any bells.

Who were you in a past life? let us know in the comments below
Via Sun Gazing