You are about to take a short quiz in which you will be presented with lines of letters that contain imbedded words.  You will be asked to name the first word that you notice in each question.  Based on the word that you see first, an analysis will be made about your true, more hidden personality that gets influenced by your subconscious.

Will the conclusion be that underneath your conscious self lies a DREAMER who is WAITING TO OPEN UP?; Although you are a doer, who prioritizes the needs of your friends, subconsciously you seek protection and structure.  Or perhaps you are ALWAYS HONEST WITH YOURSELF AS WITH OTHERS?; While you are outwardly gregarious, adventurous and always seeking new friends, subconsciously you are a bit shy and hungry for affection.  Could it be that you are  ARTISTIC AND EMOTIONAL?;  You are open and have the gift of empathy, and are admired and looked to for your judgement. Subconsciously, you have a well-defined sense of self-worth, and are deeply hurt when trust is broken.

See if any of the subconscious types above are revealed, or something else entirely.  Although short, this interesting quiz, has an uncanny ability to hone into your subconscious needs, based on what is tantamount in your perceptions.  Let us know if your results resonate  with how you, and those who know you deeply, see you.

Via Sun Gazing