3 Non-Sxual Turn Ons that Arouse Girls Instantly!


While it takes a flash of skin and a dress that leaves little to the imagination to turn a guy on, women have more innocuous turn ons.

Men are simple. Take a beautiful face, a sexy body, a warm smile, and she’s already halfway towards being a man’s dream girl. With women, it’s difficult. You can be the most dashing gentleman on this side of the globe, but if there’s no spark, then it’s a no-go. There’s no rhyme or reason to what turns women on.

Women are complicated beings. It takes more than a beautiful body and an attractive face to turn us on. It can be a personal trait or a silly habit of yours that does it for us. It can be a facial feature, the way you put an outfit together, or some hobby of yours that makes us bat our lashes and flip our hair your way.

There are a number of sexual things that can turn women on. The way a guy’s trousers hug his butt, his washboard abs, or perhaps the way he kisses so passionately that we are left wanting after just a few seconds.

However, there are a world of traits that makes her hot for you, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re hunky Johnny Bravo, or willowy Dr. Sheldon Cooper, or as socially awkward as Rajesh in The Big Bang Theory. If you have one of these traits, you will catch a woman’s eye… or heart.

Personal traits that turn women on

Not everyone is born with Channing Tatum’s abs or Tom Cruise’s smile, but there are things you can do to improve the way you look, so you can turn a few women’s heads your way.

#1 That musky, manly scent. We’ve all seen him – oozing with sex appeal and with a flair for drama, the man starring on the Old Spice TV adverts is a sight to behold. He stirs our loins like no other. Smelling this familiar scent on our man turns us on in a flash. However, it needn’t be this particular scent. It can be the scent of your mouthwash as you introduce yourself or your aftershave that wafts towards us. As long as you smell like you have a pretty good grasp on personal hygiene, then that is an instant turn on.

#2 A smile that blinds. They say love is blind. Then, having a dazzling smile is surely a way to blind your woman into falling for you. You don’t need to have teeth that’s as perfect as Brad Pitt’s, heck, you can have teeth as crooked as Ethan Hawke’s, and you’ll still snag a few female hearts if you flash a smile or two. Keep your teeth clean, and your breath on the fresh side, and your smile will go a long way.

#3 Suit up! There’s something about a guy who can pull off a nice suit. Take, for example, How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson. He surely knows a thing or two about female attraction. You only have to look at his Bro Code and his blog, and you’re bound to find out about his exploits with women. However, it doesn’t need to be a suit. A man who can pull off a t-shirt and shorts and still look dashing in it is just as hot as a guy in a suit. The trick is in knowing how to dress for the occasion. After all, a suit won’t do you good if you’re going to be spending a day at the beach or on a boat at sea.

#4 A foreign accent. No one can resist a guy with a foreign accent, be it a French one, Scottish, or the good ol’ Southern drawl. Don’t believe me? Listen to Javier Bardem’s Spanish accent in Eat, Pray, Love or Hugh Grant’s English accent in Valentine’s Day, or perhaps Jason Statham’s cockney English in any of his British movies.

Still don’t believe me? Matthew McConaughey’s Texan drawl and Chris Hemsworth’s Aussie accent beg to differ.

Hobbies and habits that turn women on

Sometimes, women are turned on not by the way you look, how you smell, or how you sound, but by the things you do. Here are some things that make her go from red to green in a snap:

#1 Bookworms. There’s something about men who read books that turns women on. Need proof? Check out @hotdudesreading on Instagram or Hot Guys Reading Books on Tumblr, and you’re sure to find tons of likes for every picture posted.Some women prefer men who read books instead of reading devices, while some are not as choosy. As long as you’re reading, you’re sure to attract women who like their men brainy.

#2 Passion. Men with fires burning in their belly are men with a hunger for something worthwhile *and I don’t mean for drinking whiskey*. Think Elon Musk and his passion for science and the environment that fuels all his business ventures including Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Think Brandon Stanton behind the camera lenses of Humans of New York, shooting photos of strangers and sharing their stories.However, you need not have Musk’s billions or Stanton’s camera to be passionate. If you are passionate about the small things, women will visualize you as being passionate about the big things. There’s nothing sexier than a man who volunteers at a soup kitchen or one who coaches neighborhood kids on weekends on how to pitch a ball.

#3 Talent. Women, like birds, are turned on when they see their man showing off their dancing skills or belting it out to U2’s With or Without You. You may not be the quarterback or the basketball star, but if you can play an awesome riff on an electric guitar or strike the drums a la Miles Teller in Whiplash, then women are sure to line up to meet you.
You need not be in a band, though. If you can string up words like Phil Kaye or paint her likeness in a canvas, then you’ve got game, man. But then, if you’ve got Channing Tatum’s dance moves, you are a GOD and you have no business reading this.