No matter if we thought we are unique and inimitable (as mentally we did), our body actually belongs to one of the four typical forms. Here are a few tips on how to identify your figure and how to dress.


Apple figure
(Weight gathers in the middle)

Top tip:

Use the angular lines to reduce the impression of roundness and softness

Looking for:

shirt flap, which will reduce the waistline
blouses with hems and anything that is in the style of corset
creases under the bust that look directed vertically down the stomach
Deep V – neck and round neck
clothing style is reminiscent of draperies, but not too broad, because you will look even bigger
pants, straight
pants with a high waist and pants that are a little stretch; these pants have the effect of belt and hold your stomach in

long shirts in the Indian mood or anything that is too baggy and which lacks concrete form
details like pockets on shirts, complicated textures and drawings
Your secret weapon:

Put on body shirt under your clothes so you can create a smooth surface for all other clothing.

Pear figure
(Narrow at the top, wider at the bottom)

Top tip:

Achieve balance by adding volume to the upper body and so will reduce the appearance of the lower body

Looking for:

pants of darker colors that are made of stronger materials and have a very small percentage of ductile materials and so will achieve the effect of slenderness (socks that fall straight from the waist are a winning combination).
lower and wider belts (which help lower buttocks)
T-shirts that have a slight neck and reminiscent of the blues
slightly sloping tunics (belt wear below your natural waist, long jackets and shirts that go to the knee or mid thigh

bright denim to put to the fore the problem area
skintight T-shirts to highlight the difference between the upper and lower
details that attract attention, such as pockets on the hips and thighs
Your secret weapon:
Remove the fabric from the inside pocket of your trousers and it will reduce their volume.



Figure in the shape of an hourglass
(Curves around the bust and hips, with a smaller waist)

Top tip:

Need to emphasize your silhouette, and not fight against it.

Looking for:

simple, solid forms that will emphasize the waist
wide belts, pencil skirts, shoulder straps that will make it even smaller waist
T-shirts, flip circular cutouts and shirts with cut out shoulder to shoulder
slightly trapezoidal trousers or regular trousers you well filled thighs

pleats, ruffles, studs and superfluous details
all flat, square shape
Your secret weapon:

Fitted bra that spreads around the waist


Athletic / boyish shape (straight from top to bottom)

Use clothes to create curves where they do not naturally exist.

Looking for:

details at the bust such as steering, flaps and folds – they add fullness to the upper part
sleeveless shirts that show your finely defined arms
skirts with high waist; should begin at the smallest part of the waist and under the bust
We’re looking for treasure pants


style, inspired by men’s clothing, straight cuts, “boyish” jeans.
Your secret weapon:

The blouse with frills stuffed in a skirt with a high waist.