Female butt shapes tend to fall into one of four groups, and your shape could be important.

Inverted Shape

Inverted Shape : – 
The inverted shape (or “v” shape) is common in women with lower estrogen levels.

Heart Shape
Heart Shape : – 
The heart (or pear) shape has significant fat distribution around the upper thighs.

Round Shape

Round Shape : – 
The round shape has fat distribution all around the buttocks (think “bubble butt”).


H Shape

H Shape : – 
Finally, the square or “H” shape has fat distributed evenly up to the love handles.


Not All Bad Fat
Not All Bad Fat : – 
All fat isn’t bad, and the way your body distributes fat is extremely important. Even fat distribution can also lower your risk of conditions like diabetes.


Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Live A Healthy Lifestyle : – 
However, too much fat in your posterior could lead to hemorrhoids and other issues. So make sure your living an active and healthy lifestyle to have the perfectly sculpted butt shape!