It Looks Like An Extremely Small Baby. But When I Look Closer Wow!

The Canadian artist Camille Allen, 36, has real talent. She creates miniature dolls that are so lifelike, they look like real babies. And they’re also so small, they fit in the palm of your hand.

When Camille was in school, she enjoyed art classes, but didn’t take it seriously until 2001, when she began studying doll-making with her grandmother-in-law, Clara Allen. Since then, she’s made it her career. And what a career it’s been! Camille’s tiny babies have been featured in dozens of magazines worldwide, and she’s been a guest on a talk show, has won awards, and has shown her works in exhibitions in New York and Dubai.

Camille creates her babies with polymer clay and resin, and the results are magical. How can she possibly have the dexterity to get the details of her lifelike dolls so perfect?

Scroll down to see her jaw-dropping work below…



























All images are from Camille Allen’s Facebook page , where you can see more adorable pictures.

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