I want someone…
Who will love me unconditionally.
Who will rub my back and tell me everything is going to be okay.
Who will listen to me… And tell me everything that they know.
Who will be willing to put me back together…
Who will light up with joy, and put on a smile, whenever they see me.
Who will make me laugh when I am down, and never let me touch the ground.
Who will be able to know when I need a kiss…

Who will not even need to say words when we lay in bed…
because so much love is just embedded into the 2 of us… we know what the other will say.

Who will lift me up off the floor, and dust me off.
Who will show me the path that I’ve longed for my whole life.
Who will tell me “No matter what you do, nothing will change the way that I love you”
Who will push everything away, to be together.
Who will want to spend forever with me.
Who will have the same likes and dislikes, so we can have a good conversation…
but also a lot of different likes and dislikes, so that we are like puzzle pieces… that just mesh together perfectly, and complete a puzzle.
Who will go through anything to put my heart back together… no matter how many pieces it is in.
Who will be happy for me no matter what, no matter what happens.
Who will want me to be happy…
Who will be able to lay with me, and get that seductive look in their eyes… That just gets me going.
Who will inspire me more than anything ever has.
Who will be my everything.
Who will have the ear to listen to anything I have to say…
Who will give an arm and a leg for me.
Who will give anything to see that smile on my face.
Who will be my wife.

Who will need me more than anyone. Or anything.
Who will teach me lessons as we go through life together.
Who will know me… inside and out.
Who will give up their past, just for me.
Who will make me feel like a million bucks, everyday.
Who will want to be with me every second of every day.
Who will let me give them my key.
Who will let my heart beat for them.
Who will let me give everything that I have left to them.
Who will help me rebuild.
Who will love me… As much as I did you <3 !!