Her Nephew Stops Breathing In Traffic On A Highway, She Was Quick To Act And Did Something Incredible!

While Pamela Rausel was on a Miami highway when she noticed something totally strange! She found that her five-month-old nephew, Sebastian, suddenly stopped crying. He was on her back seat.

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When a baby stops crying, we find it normal but for her it was not a situation of relief. Pamela knew something was wrong and she followed her gut feeling and checked Sebastian. After that, her fear was totally confirmed! Sebastian started turning blue and then purple. She stopped people for help, and they stopped to help, but no one knew how to perform CPR. She performed CPR on Sebastian, and thankfully, the baby began regain the consciousness. We all must know CPR so that we can save anyone’s valuable life during emergency.

Sebastian started breathing before emergency responders arrived to take him to a hospital!