This article is about and ancient form of Japanese touch therapy, which can be performed on yourself or somebody else, to balance the emotions ailments by pressing the exact meridians on the hands.

Note these principles:

Each finger is connected to a corresponding emotion and attitude and different organs. Check the chart bellow to do a specific area or to do the whole body balance.
Find the finger correlating to the organ you’d like to heal OR emotion you want to calm and hold it. Hold it for 3 – 5 minutes while breathing deeply.
Whenever you wish to go through a total body harmonization, you should do all of the fingers on the chart.
Organs: Spleen and Stomach

Emotions/Attitudes: Worry, Anxiety and Depression

Physical Symptoms: Nervousness, stomach Aches, skin problems, headache

Organs: Kidney and Bladder

Emotions/Attitudes: Mental Confusion, Frustration and Fear

Physical Symptoms: Digestive problems, upper arm discomfort, elbow, wrist, muscle and back aches, toothache and gum issues, and addictions of any kind.

Organs: Gallbladder and Liver

Emotions/Attitudes: Irritability, Indecisiveness and Anger

Physical Symptoms: Frontal headaches, menstrual problems, circulation problems, eye/vision problems, fatigue, migraine

Organs: Lungs and large Intestine

Emotions/Attitudes: Grief, Negativity, Sadness, Fear of Rejection

Physical Symptoms: Deep skin conditions, digestive problem, ringing in the ears, respiratory issues like asthma

Organs: Small Intestine and Heart

Emotions/Attitudes: Low Self- Esteem, Insecurity, Nervousness, Judgmental

Physical Symptoms: Bone and nerve problems, blood pressure, heart conditions, sore throat, bloating.