9 foreplay moves that will make your man go wild in bed


Men love to be pampered and more so when in bed. Girl, you have some real work to do to arouse your man, apart from luring him with your sensuality and curves. So here are tricks to fight boredom during sex and excite your man like never before.
Run your fingers through his tresses: This will get him totally off-track and in total control of whatever you want him to do. Running your fingers through his tresses, backward, would give him an instant high, help him relax, get loosened up and melt in your love. Remember hair is a very sensual part of your man, so work on them to get him in the mood.
Explore his neck: The Adam’s apple protruding out is the most sensual part of your man’s neck. Kiss, bite or lick it and you are sure to incite the wild craziness within him and make him hungry for sex. The Adam’s apple is formed by the thyroid cartilage of the larynx that is responsible for metabolism and sexual drive. So now you know this pressing point.
Bite his ears: It can’t get more exciting and exhilarating than this. The ears have several nerve endings that account for the height of sensuality in your man. Once you start using your sensual tricks there, he will surely go weak in his knees for you.
Play with his palms: Okay. Probably this is one part of his physiology that you thought never accounted for foreplay. Sadly, you are mistaken here. Simply patting his palms or circling with your fingers on the edge of his palm and reaching towards the centre can help him ease his tension and make him go crazy gradually.
Soothe his back: There is so much that can be done here. Start from gently massaging the lower back, which is the most sensual part, just above the hip bone, then move upward gradually through the spine exerting some pressure. You can also entice him by tickling with your hair or biting him on his back.
Belly button urges: His navel is an exciting spot to explore his urges. Start by making circles around the navel and then go towards the outer edge. But do remember, the amount of pressure has to remain consistent or the entire process can turn completely laughable.
Go down to his knees: The area just behind the knees is most sensual but goes without being explored most of the time. So get on your knees and start to kiss, lick or just tickle. This will send some chill up the spine for sure and make him fall on the bed without wasting any more time.

Kiss his feet: Soles of his feet are another tried and tested region. However, precaution should be taken while exercising the pressure or you will send him to one of his laughing sprees, which is something that is not going to get him into the mood.