How do you know if the guy you’re dealing with is Mr. Right? Is he truly ready to be the man you need him to be, or is this relationship doomed to fail? It can be difficult to analyze if you have found your Mr. Right and ensure that you are moving forward with the man who is truly best for you.

8 Signs You’ve Found Love and Mr. Right

It’s pure love : 
You love this person just for being them. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not about how much money they have, what they can do for you, or the fact that the two of you have so much in common. You genuinely love this person… flaws and all, unconditionally. Through the good times and the bad times. Through the ups and downs. Through thick and thin. When you’re with this person, your heart sings. You can’t stop smiling. You aren’t afraid to express your love to him. You trust him, he’s your best friend, and you can totally see yourself being submissive to him. Suddenly the wall that you’ve built around your heart, is slowing coming down.
You’re in love!

 You’re happy
First things first, if you are unhappy on a regular basis, get out of there. Make sure your happiness begins within yourself. Those who rely on their significant other for ALL of their happiness usually don’t make it very far.



He makes you feel loved, treasured and secure.
He tells you regularly that he loves you and, through his acts of love like taking you out for a romantic dinner or cooking you a meal at home, you know it’s true. You feel he is your “home.” And “home” is the person or place you always want to return to.



You feel safe around him
A man who truly loves you will always protect you from the harms of the world. You will always feel safe around him and you’ll feel like as long as he’s with you nothing can go wrong and he’ll take care of things. This blind trust is only achieved when your man truly loves you with all of his heart and soul, the level of care and trust he gives you is enough for you to just feel at ease around him.When my girlfriend is with me, I make sure I do everything to make her smile, I make sure I make her feel protected with all of my power, that’s what true love and care is.




He Right Respects You :
If a man doesn’t respect you, he doesn’t deserve you. It really is that simple but it gets overlooked far too often. When a man respects a woman he has the ability to love and care for her the way she needs. He is less likely to betray her or mistreat her. In some cases this respect is exactly what separates one woman from the rest. He can give you all the attention in the world, but if you don’t have his respect, then you have nothing at all.


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Even your parents like him

You don’t need your parents’ consent, or anything like that, but they have been around a little longer than you, so their judgement is probably sound. Your parents have been looking out for you for a long time now, so if your man is getting the parental seal of approval, there is a good chance he is the right man for you.


Smiling teenage girl sitting in front of her parents



You don’t try to change each other.
You accept each other’s faults and weaknesses, and you admire each other’s strengths as well. You don’t force each other to be who you’re not. Of course, you’d never turn down the opportunity toimprove yourselves and make slight changes for the better. But these little changes also come from your own desire to become better, thus bringing out the best in both of you.

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He wants to marry you :
Best of all, your Prince Charming is not afraid of commitment and does not have the let’s-live-together-and-see-what-happens mentality when it comes to your relationship. He is clear about his intention to marry you and making you happy.07