7 Reasons You’re Still Single


1. You’re happy alone.

It’s fine to be single because you’re happy alone. You’re also happy with a partner. Either way, you’re going to be happy. As a result, you’re much less likely to settle for a shit-heel. And you know what? Most people are total shit-heels.

2. You have great friends.

When you have an awesome group of friends, you’re less likely to require a partner for gratification. You tend to bond more closely with your friends when you’re single too.

3. You’re free.

You don’t like the idea of limiting yourself. Being single means freedom. You can go wherever you want with whomever you want whenever you want without having to ask for permission. How awesome is that?

4. You refuse to settle for less.

Like I mentioned in #1, most people are jackasses and you just don’t want to settle for one. You’re happy to wait for the right partner to come along. Not every Tinder alert is your knight in shining armor.

5. You want to invest in yourself.

At any time, but especially in your young life, take the time to invest in yourself. Don’t rush into relationships for the sake of being with someone. Further your own life if that’s what you want.

6. You sleep better.

This isn’t BS. Sleep researchers have found that when you sleep alone, you get more sleep and end up being smarter for it.

7. You don’t want drama.

Even the best relationship is still emotionally dramatic, and where you are right now, you just don’t need that. Sound about right?

Source: higherperspectives.com