We all have that “naturally beautiful” friend who seems to always be effortlessly glowing. Whether she’s donning a fresh blowout and LBD or a messy topknot and college hoodie for acoffee run, her beauty simply radiates. This kind of beauty doesn’t come from the amount of effort she puts into her look but from the way she embodies herself.

In fact, when I think about all of the most beautiful people I know, they share a common denominator: natural confidence. Luckily, that natural radiance isn’t just reserved for her!

Here are five tips for helping you embrace the natural beauty we all possess, no makeuprequired:

1. Connect With Your Body:

Think about the last time you really enjoyed being active. Maybe it was biking around your neighborhood as a kid or strolling through Paris on your last big adventure.

Note what you loved about that movement and start to embrace it in your daily life. The more you connect with your body by moving in a way that feels fun to you, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel in your own skin on a regular basis.

2. Practice Daily Gratitude:

Begin by spending five minutes every day jotting down the things in your life you’re grateful for. A regular gratitude practice allows you to feel more present in your life, experience positive emotions, and express yourself in a more authentic way.

Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal significantly increases well-being and satisfaction with one’s life. This brief daily practice is incredibly helpful in cultivating a positive image of your self and life.

3. Recall a Time When You Felt Incredible:

Remember a time when you felt like a total rock star. Is it when you nailed that work presentation last month? Maybe it was hosting a lovely and delicious dinner party for friends you love.

Connect with this past accomplishment and channel it in the present moment. Allow these feelings of confidence and success to help you stand taller and smile brighter. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of our accomplishments and potential for future achievements to recognize that we are strong and beautiful.

4. Eat The Foods Your Body Craves:

Listen to your body and feed her what she needs. If you crave grounding foods, make a pot of warming and nourishing soup full of root vegetables. If you crave something fresh, prepare a big chopped salad or try making your own sushi.

When we eat the foods that meet our nutritional needs, we create a balanced and healthy environment in our bodies. Your body knows the nutrients she needs in order to thrive, and, the more you listen to what she’s asking for, the more your natural beauty will show up for the rest of the world to see.

5. Say “yes” To Your Life:

So many women put off saying yes to their lives because they believe they need to weigh a certain amount, look a certain way, or achieve a specific status first. Rather than waiting to do the things that make you happy, start saying yes to them today.

Buy that outfit you love, go on that first date, book the trip you’ve wanted to take for years, sign up for that half-marathon. Say yes to the things you’re craving in your life: more fun, more adventure, more love.

When you show up and live your life unapologetically and act authentically in being yourself and honoring your innate needs, your natural beauty will shine through.