To do that you need a happy relationship. … Know what he likes, because that is what makes him feel needed, wanted ….


Hug and kiss him for no reason
Nothing says thank you and I care like walking up behind your guy, throwing your arms around his neck and saying I love you and kissing his cheek. You probably would like it if he did that to you right? So return eh favor and watch him smile, knowing you are making him happy.


Don’t be over possessive
Every person has own world. But generally men have this world closed. In his world he doesn’t want any disturbance from anyone. You need to have patience and understand this fact of your boyfriend. Over possessiveness can be harmful for your relationship. Avoid your willing to reveal the secret of your man. If you two have enough love and respect for each other then be happy that he is not doing anything wrong. Give him some space to feel like telling you everything of his life.


Your Position In The Bedroom:
Another awesome way to make your man happy is to learn some new positions to use in the bedroom. (You can find my most powerful techniques in this in depth tutorial video.) Just choose 2-3 that you’d like to try with your man. Then the next time you’re both in bed together, surprise your man with them. If your man is usually the one who leads things in the bedroom, then it can be a little nerve-wrecking, but just do it anyway. You’ll be glad to see that most guys are thrilled when you are the initiator.


I think this is more of an obvious way to keep your boyfriend happy, yet some girls do not stay true. If you really do not want to hurt your boyfriend and want to keep him happy, then don’t cheat. Don’t even go flirting with other guys. This is not respectful.

Keep Happy Yourself
One of the most important tips for keeping your boyfriend happy is to be happy yourself. If you show that you are genuinely happy to have him as your boyfriend, it will make a world of  difference to the relationship.