5 Things A Guy Thinks While Kissing A Girl !!


When you’re with a man, there are so many of things that run through your guy mind  during a kiss. Just like we think of everything under the sun, he does as well. We’re not all that different. In order to prove that, here are the top few things that run through his mind during a kiss:

1. Is this the real life !!

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between reality and dreams And when it’s your first kiss ! You sure are in the seventh heaven. It can be hard to believe that a kiss just happened !!

2. Close the door !!


Every one love there privacy and while having there love moment no one want any one to come between them. So did i close the door OH No :p

3. Who gona lead !!


Summer loving

Should I push the speed ? Maybe now it’s the right time where
I show her how good kisser i am !!

4. Was I good ?


I hope I kissed her better than her high ex boyfriend.
Hope she will tell me i am the best kisser in d world 😀 !!

5. Lets take a Selfi !!


Proud moment for guy to kiss a girl . So its time to take the best selfi
while kissing sothat you can store the best moment of love forver