Think you aren’t getting the love you deserve? Here are six warning signs your relationship just isn’t real

Communication Sucks:- 

Effective communication is everything in a relationship but when you can’t ever find common grown, there’s a problem. In a fake relationship, there’s generally at least one person who feels like they can’t speak freely or has to compromise a part of themselves in order to make things work. If you’re not comfortable communicating your concerns or don’t feel understood when you do, the relationship is in serious trouble

The Same Issues Keep Resurfacing :-

Are you constantly arguing with your partner about the same issues over and over again, with no sign of a clear resolution? If you find yourself in this place, this is a sign that you’re not content in your relationship and may even be carrying unresolved feelings from previous relationships. This warning sign shouldn’t be ignored.

Smiling in Public, Arguing at Home : –

Often times in a fake relationship, putting up a front is so important because you not only don’t want to let other people on to the trouble going on behind the scenes, but you also may not want to believe the relationship is in trouble yourself. If you’re smiling in public, but arguing all the time at home, this is toxic and will only get worse.

You Need Each Other, to Complete Each Other :-

On the surface, the constant need to be up under each other may appear like true love, but it’s not. This is a clear sign of a codependent relationship, not a healthy one. If you’re relationship isn’t complete without constant interaction, public displays of affection, or the physical, this isn’t true love.

There’s a Constant Need to Be Right : – 

Power struggles often come up in fake relationships because there’s always an underlying competition to be the lead victim. If you’re in a healthy relationship and effectively communicating with your significant other, there shouldn’t be a need to be right all the time. You should be working towards less fighting and more understanding.