The more I think of my character or attributes, the more I feel that being a Leo is literally in my blood. Everything about me roots back to that. It’s like I’m a Leo to the core. Don’t get me wrong, that’s something I just love!

Loyalty is our trademark

Although the word “loyalty” might be extinct in your dictionary, to us Leos it is one of our key attributes. Once a Leo has given you their word, there’s no going back. A Leo might be quite flirtatious and enjoy the attention from many people around them, but once their heart is set on someone, you become their centre of attention and go blind to anyone or anything else.


We make our loved ones feel like royalty

When a Leo falls in love, they make it their life mission to make their loved ones feel like royalty. There is nothing more delightful than being pampered by a Leo. Wherever they go, they pick up things that remind them of you, make you small, affectionate gifts that speak out of love and devotion. A Leo will make you feel that you’re the most important person on earth and that your happiness is all that matters to them.


We’re fighters to the core

A Leo will fight for you or with you like no one else. Yes, we’re determined. Yes, we’re stubborn. But when we truly believe in something, there’s no stopping us. We’d have to get hit by a bus to finally realize that we should stop fighting or that the universe is against us and even then we’d still be easily triggered to start fighting all over again.

I must warn you though, a Leo will give many chances, but once they’re through, it’s over! So don’t go abusing it or it’ll be your loss.


Our charm is irresistible

You might hate us, be jealous of us or even want to kill us! But there’s no denying how charming a Leo can be. To be honest, Leos take advantage of this attribute like no other. We use our charms to get what we want, get out of trouble or even as part of our leadership techniques. (We do make pretty good leaders!)


Generosity is in our blood

We might not be so practical, but we’d be willing to spend a fortune just to make the people around us happy. It’s not just about money, but anything we can give is yours, if you’ve proved worthy.



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