Sometimes this is due to miscommunication, loss of interest, different directions, newer friends, and a variety of other reasons why we lose each other. It is important to recognize when you no longer have this connection with your friends. It may be a sign for you to move on and better yourself as a person just as they should be doing as well.

Nonetheless, here are nine aspects of a great best friend in which we all strive to be for one another.

1. Does Not Shoot You Downgroup of friends

Best friends do not shoot each other down in their ideas, thoughts, or feelings.

Even if you disagree extremely, would you ever want to tell your best friend that they are doing a poor job or that their dreams aren’t worth dreaming?

We can still constructively help each other by talking about those dreams and desires. Perhaps you could even share the same dream.

2. Is Forgiving

We must be able to forgive each other and our endless faults. We all have our own assorted issues and dilemmas that it is important to recognize that nobody is perfect. Being able to forgive your best friends is a rare quality that most do no posses.

3. Should Be Supportive

We must be able to support each other’s ambitions and dreams.

It means the world to us that we take the time to show each other just how supportive we can be.

Especially on the things that we are too scared to face alone, it is a very good thing to have your best friends there for you in your times of need.

4. Give Each Other Time

When having a big fight or fallout it is important that we give each other the time to console and process the actions and words that have been said and done. We must then also recognize how terrible we have been to each other and come to a sort of compromise or understanding with one another on how we can cooperate once more. Or at least talk out some of our anguish towards each other.

5. Must Be Understanding friends dna

We must be able to listen and understand each other. When it comes to stress, despair, and any other fatiguing emotion, we must be there to understand each others pain.

We have to be there for one another to see the darkness and offer each other a ray of light. Be the positive influence in your best friends darkest hours.

Source: http://thespiritscience.net/