5 Modern Signs Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You

5 Modern Signs Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You

He Cares For You..
A guy who loves you is genuinely happy for you when good things happen to you. He is compassionate when you’re going through challenges. This guy is there for you in the good and not so good times. He thinks about you and surprises you with tokens of affection outside of your birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. He will also challenge you by calling you out on stuff to help you become a better person.

5 Modern Signs Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You
Does he tell you he loves you?
Does he do declare his love and adoration for you often and without prodding? Does his love for you come naturally and consistently? When you love someone, you tell them. And don’t fall for that old line that goes like this, “I don’t need to tell her I love her because she knows.” This notion is just plain wrong! You need to hear it (we all do). If he doesn’t tell you that he loves you, then your relationship has a problem.


When he talks about you, he is full of pride.
Observe him when he talks about you to his friends. If he’s really enthusiastic when he describes your latest achievement at the gym or how you got your promotion at work, then this has to be one of the signs he loves you. He admires your intellectual background, your academic studies or the fact that you make more money that he does.

His phone is not password protected.
Or even if it is, if he’s willing to share the password with you and let you use it without hesitation then he is honest with you and has nothing to hide. Also, he really trusts you and doesn’t worry about sharing his life with you.


He pauses his video-game to answer your call.
Guys and their games. There’s nothing that can separate the two. And if your guy actually pauses his game to answer your call, girl, you are one lucky thing! He loves you more than his game and probably more than anything else in the world.