5 Facts About Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra You Never Knew


Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra is 1st choice and most of all every girl want to own a Victoria’s secret. Who don’t know about the fantasy bra from Victoria’s secret are the bras specially designed and have the sexy looks. They are not just bra’s they are ornaments. We’ve got few of the Fantasy Bra facts you need to know.

1. The most expensive lingerie Red Hot Fantasy Bra (worth 15 USD $$ million) is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

01The red bra worn by Gisele Bundchen. This was not the best part of this one. This bra has its name down in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most expensive lingerie item !

2. Miranda Kerr in 2011 carried Fantasy Treasure Bra on the ramp.


The 2011 fantasy model Miranda Kerr walked down the aisle fabulously knowing the fact that the model had given birth to a baby same year . She was the star of the show by wearing the $2.5 million fantasy bra !!

3. Two bras were created named Dream Angels Fantasy Bras worth $2 million each.

03From 1996 till now, each year sees the fantasy bra walk down the runway but the year 2014 got a bit luckier. It had two fantasy bra on the runway that night. A Double Bonanza !!

4. The First On Small Screen !


In 2001 when the small screen got the taste of Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Heidi Klum was the first to catwalk in the 7th fantasy bra that was screened all over the world, which was about $12.5 million !!

5. Royal Fantasy Bra 2013


The year 2013 showcased the Royal Fantasy Bra. Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra was featured with add-ons like an 18-carat belt attached to her panties which were equally stunning !!