23-year-old woman meets her online lover for the first time; slits her wrist in disappointment

This woman attempted to kill herself not just once, but multiple times after meeting her online lover for the very first time.



According to her mother, the two lovers met online and started dating, but haven’t met until that day. Last Tuesday night in a hotel in Heilongjiang province, police found the couple arguing on the 7th floor in the said hotel. The enraged woman, obviously disappointed, ran to the balcony and stood with one leg over, shouting “You cheated me!” at her former sweetheart, according to local police. Apparently, she didn’t expect her beau’s looks.

After the police were able to separate the two, the woman suddenly gobbled up several sleeping pills and slashed her wrist with broken glass. Fortunately, the police were able to stop her from further harming herself—successfully loading her into an ambulance headed straight for the hospital.

Her parents were apparently against their daughter meeting a man (she met online) in person. But she felt in love and travelled to meet her online beau, who is 10 years older than she is. Netizens’ reactions varied, but mostly were asking for the man’s picture at least. Some thought, “How ugly can he be, to make this woman want to kill herself?”



Though the woman’s condition was no longer life-threatening, she needed to stay in the hospital because of the broken glass she swallowed.

Not everything on the internet is real. Be vigilant in talking to strangers online.

Source: shanghaiist
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