When a guy’s really into you, there’s little he won’t do to get you. He’ll text you all the time, tell you how beautiful you are, plan elaborate dates, stare at you like he can’t believe he’s with you, and just generally treat you like you’re the most precious thing in the world…



Aaaah, yes, a man in love is a beautiful thing… until he realizes he has you.

And then, things change.

Suddenly, he:

1. Can’t be bothered to shave.

2. Skips showering here and there.

3. Starts wearing gym clothes around the clock.

4. Doesn’t even change the gym clothes he’s wearing.

5. Won’t come up with cool stuff for you to do together.

6. Mopes around the house.

7. Parks himself on the couch to watch football.

8. Goes out with the dudes to watch more football.

9. Shows up drunk from too much beer.

10. Doesn’t take you out on dates.

11. Never brings you flowers.

12. No longer texts you just because.

13. Forgets to respond when you text.

14. Isn’t that interested in what you have going on, or what you have to say.

15. Doesn’t ask as many questions as he once did.

16. Won’t listen when you want to tell him something.

17. Stares at his phone way too much.

18. Finds the little behaviors he once thought were cute totally annoying.

19. Isn’t nearly as flirty.

20. Is impatient with you in ways he never was.