Love can really make us do stupid things, it is proven in many circumstances. Even adults do foolish stuffs when they’re in love, while some go beyond sanity. What more if you’re too young and naive to make the right decisions? Just like what this 15-year-old Chinese girl from Henan province of central China did to win her boyfriend back.


Lee Hee Danae is an innocent looking girl but she gained internet stardom after transforming herself into a living doll.

She underwent extreme cosmetic surgeries, altering her eyes, chin, jaw, and other parts of her body, including her breasts.

After Danae posted pictures and video clips of her post-surgery transformation on Chinese social media sites, it went viral and she became an instant celebrity.



She now had more than 500,000 followers on her Weibo account. Many Chinese netizens said she looked like a doll, with some saying she was “too beautiful to look at.”

Because of her snow-white skin and pointed chin she was dubbed as the “snake spirit” derived from one of the most popular folk legends in China.

However, Lee Hee Danae underwent radical changes for a disturbing reason — to win her boyfriend back!

Surprisingly, some people suspected that her photos were digitally altered, after noticing some images of her had blue-eyes and brown eyes on the other.

Others also doubted her age, although her Weibo account apparently confirms that she is only 15-years-old and was born on May, 1999.



One commented, “A 15 year-old-girl with breasts as large as these? I must be drunk.”
Alarmingly, the teen is being massively sexualized, with most of her followers posting fairly explicit comments about her appearance.