12 Warning Signs That She Is Just Not Into You So you are going out with the girl of your dreams. Amazing, isn’t it. While you are busy fantasizing rosy dreams about the two of you, there is a nagging though at the back of your mind that she might not be as involved as you are. One would ask, how can you be sure that she is not into you. Well, come to think of it, there are signs. Always. Small tell tale tricks that give away that she might not be into you. If you are still confused, let us put your thoughts to rest.

Here are 12 signs that she is just not into you.

1.No eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is a vital sign of body language, it shows that the person is being honest and interested. Lack of eye contact means that the person is really not interested in the conversation or in you. If your girlfriend is always avoiding your eyes and looking here and there, it is a sign that she isn’t really interested in you.

2.On dates, she looks bored

Going on dates is exciting. People plan ahead and dress in their very best way. If your girl looks rather bored, and as if she would rather wanted to be at some other place, chances are that you hold no special interest in her life. If each and every date of your turns out to be a dud, it is a very strong sign against you!

3.Group dates, always

Is your girlfriend always inviting her other girlfriends and their boyfriends to dates? Before you know it, your romantic date becomes a full-blown party. This is because she does not really enjoy your company and wants reinforcements.

4.She checks out other guys

While your eyes are only and only on your girl; she has her eyes scanning the whole neighbourhood, checking out cute guys. Why, you wonder, does she need to see other guys when she has you. The answer, my friend, is crystal clear.

5.She introduces you as a friend

How does she introduce you to her friends or colleagues? If she says a ‘friend’, not boyfriend, special someone or even a special friend – she does not want to be associated with you in public. And why is that, because she isn’t in the relationship for the long haul.

6.Her idea of ‘ideal man; is not you

She often talks at length about her ideal man. She will describe everything in detail – from his height, weight, colours of clothes to hairstyle. And that picture is the polar opposite of you. If she was into you, her ideal man would be only you!

7.There’s no exchange of gifts

How often does she get you gifts? If your answer is ‘no’, then you should be taking stock already! If she is also uncomfortable accepting gifts, know that you are headed towards ‘the end’.

8.She never confides into you

Love is all about sharing and communicating. Do you play the role of a friend in her life? Does she share her secrets and problems with you? No? Dude, she’s really not into you.

9.You are never a part of her plans

Does she plan weekend picnics with you? She plans picnics with her friends! Does she want to go shopping with you? She goes shopping with her friends! You, boy, play no part in her social life, which is because she is not into you!
10.You are not a part of her exclusive social group

We all have our own social groups, the people we like to hang out with. Couples often hang out together and have a common social group. If you aren’t a part of hers, then that is a problem!
11.You hardly share any hobbies

Hobbies are a great way of bonding. Couples make an extra effort of developing hobbies and interests that please their partners. If this aspect is missing in your relationship, then your relationship surely cannot last long.
12.When in trouble, she’ll never call you

You are not her ‘emergency contact’, you are not on her speed dial. When she is in trouble, you are the last person she will call. Even if she does call you, she will be utterly uncomfortable about it. If she was actually in love, she wouldn’t have to think twice before calling you.

So guys and gentlemen, here are he sure fire signs that tell you that your girl might not be into you. If that is the case, don’t lose heart. It is not necessary that it is your fault. Maybe you both aren’t just right for each other, and the girl of your dreams is actually waiting out there for you.