11 Signs Your Boyfriend Isn’t As Serious As You Are

It happens. People fall out of love and become disinterested. But how do you tell when your boyfriend isn’t into you anymore or isn’t taking the relationship seriously? You could just ask, but they may pretend everything’s okay and you won’t get a real answer. So if you suspect your boyfriend has been experiencing a change of heart in your relationship, here are some signs that may just confirm it.

1. He Ignores You

Obviously he won’t be able to respond to every phone call or text right away, but if he has no excuse for not answering you back, maybe it’s just because he doesn’t want you. Sometimes people read texts and forget to answer back or they’ve typed out a response and never hit send, but when the excuses start piling up, it’s hard to believe them.

2. He Makes Excuses

He shouldn’t be finding an excuse to give you every time you confront him about something. Excuses are used when someone doesn’t want to actually work through a problem. If he’s giving you excuses instead of solutions, then he’s not putting the effort he should be into your relationship.

3. You’re His Last Priority

Even if he does get back to you, it’s at the end of the day when he’s handled everything else he has to do in the day first. A couple can’t always put each other first for everything, but when you’re always last, that may be a sign of what he thinks of the relationship. He just might not see it as important anymore.

4. Minimum Contact

Kisses in the rain are nice, but so is the moment he grabs hold of your hand and you don’t even have to think about it. When those little gestures start to fade or stop altogether, this is another sign maybe he’s just not into things as much anymore. Are you noticing if the touching is minimum or if he walks with more space than needed between you?

5. He Doesn’t Ask For Details

He doesn’t ask you about your day, and even if he does, he sounds disinterested and doesn’t ask for more. He’s just going through the motions but wants the conversations to be over before it’s even started.

6. He Doesn’t Involve You In His Life

You aren’t invited to family events or to hang out with his friends. He keeps his life very personal and quiet, and you are always guessing. He also doesn’t want to go out with your friends or spend time with your family. He stops making an effort to try and get to know your life and be a part of it.

7. He Talks About Other Girls

If he’s looking at and/or talking about other girls, he doesn’t have eyes for you and that’s an obvious sign of disinterest. It’s one thing to talk about friends and they happen to be girls, but you shouldn’t be able to see that he’s more interested in other girls than you.

8. He Hides His Feelings

So not only is he not asking you about how you are, but he’s not even telling you how he is. He has become emotionally closed off and genuinely has no interest in opening up to you anymore. He should want to tell you things and talk about the feelings you both have about your relationship.

9. He Treats Everyone The Same

He still flirts with you, but he flirts with everyone. He treats you the same way he treats everyone else, and you can’t still say that you are the one who gets the most affection and attention from him.

10. Lack Of Emotional Intimacy

You may still be intimate, but there isn’t the same connection there once was. Everything is just an action, and there is no deeper meaning behind it. It’s not even really intimacy anymore.

11. He Doesn’t Have Time For You

He just “doesn’t have time” to be with you. He is again making excuses and brushing you off. He never seems to want to hang out with you or talk, and he is basically avoiding you. Your relationship has become one-sided and you’re putting in all the effort.