10 Things Only People In Long Distance Relationships Will Understand: – 

1.You have explored a lot of exotic destinations planning to meet midway . You have traveled like a maniac, and always find new places to meet. Meeting midway can be fun!

2. You learn how important trust and communication are to a relationship. Being worlds apart and having your own space does not mean you don’t talk. Communicating is the key here.

3. You ace planning. You’ve planned so many meetings and trips together, you can create an itinerary in a jiffy!

4. Misunderstandings take a whole lot of effort to clear out. Sometimes sorting misunderstandings over Whatsapp, email and Viber can be extremely frustrating.

5.You live each other’s most special moments through pictures. Your phone’s gallery is locked and you probably have a separate hard drive or pen drive for all those precious pictures and videos.

6. You’re an ace at reading the emotions behind messages and what each smiley of your partner means. You can guess your partner’s mood just from their morning message. But sometimes, the emoticons do flummox you.

7. You truly cherish every moment spent together. You know how precious these moments are and that they will soon pass.

8. You know all about sacrificing sleep. You’ve woken up at all odd hours just so you can talk to your SO.

9. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And you are a living testimony to the saying.

10. Each meeting is like falling in love all over again. Each time you meet, you know why you fell in love. And you fall in love all over again.