People say “I love you” all the time. It’s part of daily life for many of us, at the end of phone calls, parting ways, even as we’re going about our daily routine. It’s important to say these words.

Sometimes, though, we look for innovative ways to show someone we care.

We decided to share with you a list of phrases that we can say to the people in our lives that form our most meaningful relationships. Sometimes “I love you” is enough, but sometimes we want to go above and beyond. Here we go:

I Feel Amazing When I Spend Time With You.couple-talking-in-bed1

So, you love this person. How do they make you feel specifically? The word ‘amazing’ can be replaced with any positive word, really.

It can really make someone’s day when you tell them how you feel, because that is often hidden.

What is important here is that you are not only expressing love, but you are expressing how good they make you feel. They are involved in your well-being, and that is golden.

Please Tell Me How You Feel So I Can Understand.

two-young-females-talking-to-each-otherOn the other side of the coin, it is often impossible to tell how others are experiencing life, or a situation in life.

By asking for a description, and giving the intention that you want to be empathetic, this can allow someone to open up.

Perhaps they really need to. Phrases like this tell people that you are there for them, and we all need a trusted source in whom to confide once in awhile.

Saying something like this makes your loved one feel safe.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Help?stock-footage-young-man-sitting-on-sofa-talking-to-his-therapist-at-therapy-session

We don’t often ask for help when we need it the most. Sometimes, the feeling that you might be putting someone out, or altering their life uncomfortably, when you really need assistance is enough to not even request it.

By asking this question, we are removing the need for our loved one to experience this uncomfortable vulnerability. Not only will they open themselves up to receive the help they need, they don’t have any of the guilt associated with asking sometimes.

Can I Give You A Hug?

casais,love,hug,blackwhite,girlguy,hugging-d3b36c68bad88d9a961fd3108f096c4f_hThe answer is always yes!

However, by requesting that your loved one opens up their personal bubble to let you in and make them feel better, you are speaking your true love for them in two ways.

Number one, you are stating your intention to help them feel better. Number two, you are asking for permission to enter their space. This shows that you both love and respect them.

I Really Appreciate It When You…

Here, you are not only expressing gratefulness that this person is in your life, you are giving them a specific reason that they are wonderful. People love it when their good traits are reinforced by others, and your loved one is no exception! Not only that, but they are hearing it from you, and you are one of the most important people in their lives.

I Can Feel It When Your Heart Sings Because It Makes My Heart Sing.

39045-Long-HugThe idea of the heart ‘singing’ invokes a wonderful visual.

You are telling this person that not only do you feel it when they are sad, you feel it when they are happy.

Also, their happiness makes you happy. It is both important to feel joy in the joy of others, and to let them know that them experiencing joy is enough for you to experience joy.

I Could be Next To You And Not Say Anything And Be At Peace.

holding-hands-on-beach-1024x656When you get at the point in your relationship that you can sit together and feel perfectly comfortable in one another’s silence, this is an indication that the relationship has reached a point where it is so strong that it is unbreakable.

By telling your loved one that you two have reached this point, you are letting them know that they make you feel comfortable, and at peace, and that your friendship will last forever.

I’m Thankful To Have You In My Life.

To give thanks for what you have is a powerful aphorism. To give thanks out loud for having a loved one in your life will make them feel profoundly special.

I Lose All Concept Of Time When I Am With You.

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” as they saying goes. When you say this to someone, you are telling them that you have such good experiences with them, time ceases to have meaning. You’re not thinking about the past or the future, or worries and anxieties. You’re leaving this baggage behind, and it’s because they are with you.

I Want To Keep You In My Past, Present, And Future.Love

With this phrase, you acknowledge that you hold space for the good memories you’ve had with this person.

You are telling them that you have an active desire to be with them now. Finally, you are saying that you can’t imagine life without them.

When you say something like this to your loved one, you are acknowledging that the love you share is timeless.